Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hello, all!
      My name is Thomas, and I enjoy modeling and converting, and the occasional playing. The Warhammer worlds is where I spent most of my time, from 2nd Edition 40k and 5th edition fantasy. Much has changed from those days. The Old World has fallen giving way to the Age of Sigmar. A Warp Rift as split the Imperium in the 40k verse and Primachs are returning, while the Primaris Marines are holding chaos at bay.

     Years ago, I had always dreamed of building a 30k army, using bits of Fantasy and 40k kits to convert the mysterious armies of the Heresy. I had waited too long and Games Workshop beat me to the punch, with a vengeance, I might add! That has shifted my attention further back, to the Unification Wars. I have always loved converting armies, it is probably my favorite aspect of the hobby and the Unification War of Terra is now ripe with opportunity. There is just enough information on combatants to give an air of mystery, but still a good chunk of visual image. John Blanche has done some excellent art of a Techno-Barbarians, Thunder Warriors and other Pre-Heresy era beings. Using the available information, along with the new 8th edition rules, I plan on converting up units for said armies and modifying the army books so anyone can play Unification War era armies versus 40k armies.

     I will be using only Games a Workshop and Forge World pieces, and perhaps some simple sculpting with putty to make the models, so they will be able to be played in any venue, including Games Workshop stores. Perhaps one day, Unification War piece will win a Golden Demon! I will include links at the bottom of the page for background info.