Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Ok folks! Lets get to the point! Here is the Generic Techno-Barbarian List!
Only the units listed below are allowed in the Techno-Barnarian List. If it is not listed, you cannot take it. Unit upgrade restrictions are listed by the *
Space Wolf Unit Names                    Unification War Counterparts
Wolf Lord                                         Techno-Barbarian Tyrant
Rune Priest                                       Techno-Shaman
Wolf Guard Battle Leader                   Techno-Barbarian Boyar

Lone Wolf                                        Techno-Beserker
Wolf Guard (0-1)                               War Council
Dreadnought                                   Proto-Dreadnought

Blood Claws                                     Techno-Barbarians

Swift Claws                                      Road Warriors
Thunderwolf Cav (0-1)                       Beast Riders



*The following limitations to wargear and Sagas apply:
No Terminator Armor         Units that have the 0-1 by them can only be chosen once Force Organization
No Jump Packs
No Saga of the Bear

Remember folks! I took many liberties with this since there is very little information about the armies of 20k Terra. Also, these lists are meant for cool conversion projects and lots of fun! Shortly I will be posting the Dracos ally list as well as the Lucifer Blacks ally list, to add more variety to the basic Unification War Army!

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