Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope everyone is having a wonderful day with their friends and families! Today I will be focusing on the Dracos of Hy Brasil! The Dracos were a Terran human force of Techno-barbarians that excelled in combat and known for their savage fighting styles. Their armor was scaled and their helmets often looked like reptile heads. The army I chose to give them their uniqueness was Blood Angels. One is to depict their ferociousness in combat. With the Black Rage rules, it is easy to see why I picked Blood Angels. The other reason is a little creative licensing on my part. Since I limited the use of Jump packs in the main Techno-barbarian list, I figured it would be a good idea to have a way to Ally them in. Remember, this list is just for Ally purposes only, the bulk of the list should be derived from the Techno-barbarian list. Since the main armies are Battle Brothers on the chart, I like to think of the allies as elite troops called in to fight. If you wanted to make an army that was cohesive, then it would be easily applied through painting.
     Now to the meat!

Dracos Allied Detachment for Techno-Barbarians mini Dex

HQ-                                                  Terran Army Counter Part
Captain                                                Draco Vipera

Sanguinary Guard                                 Draco Exsors

Death Company                                   Draco Necros

Baal Predator                                    Scarab Heavy Support

StormRaven*                                        Storm Bird

* (Cannot take any upgrades except extra armor, searchlight, hurricane bolters, typhoon missile launche, and twin linked las-cannons)
All the same restrictions apply to this Allied detachment as they do to the main list, with the exception of Jump Packs. No Terminators, Land Raiders, etc. 

     I am currently working on modeling up some troops for the main army and detachments. I will post pictures and a list of bits used when I am finished! Feel free to leave me any comments, constructive criticism, or question!


  1. I think that adding some Imperial Army lists based on the IG codex might also be good... just a suggestion... keep up the good work!

    1. I will be doing an Imperial Army with limited selections for one of the more well known factions of the Unification wars. I will also be doing a Terran Mutant dex out of the Chaos book!